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The Other Gods 5
スタイロフォーム 70cmx131cm 2019年

The Other Gods 5

4月 8日(月)〜 20日(土)
平日 12:00 – 19:00
土曜 12:00 – 19:00


It is unnecessary and perhaps a hindrance to reinterpret a painting(2-D art) into written form. The painting itself should be the object of contemplation.

学生時代はライト州立大学にてGlen Cebulashの下で学び美術学士を取得。

He is an American artist living and working in Osaka City, Japan.
He received a BFA from Wright State University under Glen Cebulash. EDUCATION
1998 Chautauqua Institute: Chautauqua, NY
-Intensive summer study program in Painting and Drawing
1994-1998 Wright State University: Fairborn, OH
-BFA Painting and Drawing
1992-1994 East Tennessee State University: Johnson City, TN
-Undergraduate studies in Fine Arts PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
2000-2012 Basho Apparel and Screen Printing Position
– Wholesale garment printing(plastisol,waterbase,discharge ink)
– Adobe Photoshop(simulated process color screen separations) and Illustrator (graphic design for printed clothing)
– Wholesale/retail sales
– Management of wholesale/retail locations and employees
– maintenance of garment printing equipment and studio
– Creation of printed designs for retail locations
– Buying printing supplies and garments for wholesale/retail locations
– Training Employees
– Participating in trade/art shows in U.S. cities several times a year


– Paul Baker: Painting and drawing, Winds cafe, Yellow Springs, OH

– Paul Baker: Painting and drawing, Sunrise Cafe, Yellow Springs, OH
– Paul Baker: Painting and drawing, Wright State University Alternative Gallery, Fairborn, OH HONORS AND DISTINCTIONS
– First Jurors Award, Art about Town, Dayton, OH – First Jurors Award, Americas 2000, Minot, ND
– Full Scholarship, Chautauqua Institute Summer Art Program, Chautauqua, NY
– First Jurors Award, Art about Town, Dayton, OH
– Solo Exhibition at ExaART, Osaka, Japan


-Art Move 2016, Osaka City, Japan

GOMA Gallery Exa ART


Gallery ExaART have been moved to new location on Jan. 2019.It’s locating in front of the west gate (NISHIMON) of Osaka Supreme court.Concept is same.Gallery – ExaART is a quiet gallery where relaxing art lovers can visit, a space where you can relax and enjoy paintings and talk with artists.Art works (paintings, sculptures, images, pictures, graphic design, digital art, others) that are thought to be excellent do not care regardless of genre, technique and abstract representation. Those are Modern art, and Contemporary art. We will strive to create the best space for the exhibition. In addition, we will continue to support them.

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